Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct


KartSport New Zealand Codes of Conduct


Kartsport New Zealand Statement


With the introduction of the new Judicial Code it was timely to reassess our values, time to refocus on our guiding principles, time for a rallying call and time for a paradigm shift in thinking for our officials, drivers and our stakeholders. This is not a flippant feel good act but a genuine move to underpin the radical new Judicial Code with a meaningful commitment to uphold these rules by all KartSport members in a fresh new spirit of cooperation, common senses and fair play including:








Indomitable Spirit


All of which underpins KartSport New Zealands motto: FAST: Fair-Affordable-Safe-Thrills



KartSport Officials


Kartsport New Zealand acknowledges that we are a volunteer based sport and organization and that socialization and fraternization between competitors and officials is not just inevitable but welcomed. KartSport accepts that our officials often fulfill additional stakeholder roles as parents, racers or supporters. Kartsport New Zealand further acknowledges that from time to time due to personal relationships, conflicts of interest will arise. Amongst its officials, Kartsport New Zealand, holds impartiality, professionalism, consistency and common sense to be the highest values that an official should strive for.


KartSport Officials Oath:


(May be read by either a single or pair of Officials at the drivers briefing at large events)


As officials we pledge to promote the ideal of fairness in competition at all times.


We will do this by using our best judgment and common sense to ensure the rules are upheld equally and without favour, regardless of our personal opinion or relationships.


We acknowledge that we hold a position of power and that our decisions can greatly affect all those involved.


We pledge that we will not take our responsibility lightly nor will we in anyway abuse our authority.


In all our interactions, we will show respect for the skills, abilities courage and commitment of competitors, their families and supporters.


Officials Statement:


I am committed to participating in karting with integrity. I pledge to learn, understand and enforce both the written rules of Kartsport and the unwritten rules that adhere to the spirit of fairplay.

I believe that violence, bullying and physical intimidation are harmful to our sport, and I refuse to use such tactics in an attempt to enforce the rules or to place myself above one of my peers. In my scope as an Official, I will act on all violence, intimidation and bullying by swiftly reporting it to the necessary authority.

I understand that my fellow officials, spectators and competitors are all integral to karting and are therefore worthy of my respect.

I accept it is my responsibility to maintain self-control at all times.

As a representative of our Kartsport New Zealand, I understand that all competitors and their supporters are my customers, who choose to spend their time and money on our sport. I am employed to keep this sport safe and fair.


Officials Code of Conduct:


I will place the safety and welfare of competitors above all else.

I will show concern and caution towards injured competitors.

I will be impartial, consistent, objective and courteous when making decisions.

I will accept responsibility for my actions and decisions.

I will condemn unsporting behaviour and promote respect for the individuality of competitors.

I will avoid any situations which may lead to or be construed as a conflict of interest.

I will be a positive role model in behaviour and personal appearance and ensure my comments are positive.

I understand that actions speak louder than words.

I always respect, remain loyal to and support other officials.

I will keep up to date with the latest rules, trends and principles of their application.

I always refrain from any form of personal abuse towards competitors, their supporters or other officials.

I always respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in the game, regardless of their gender, ability or cultural background.

I understand that whilst I am in an official role, I am a representative of Kartsport New Zealand. I allow my appearance and demeanor to reflect the professionalism of our organization.