Completing Module Questionnaires

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Completing Module Questionnaires

Notes on completing the module questionnaires



All Race Officials need to be familiar with these modules and keep up to date with them as things change.


However for initial appointment as a Grade 4 Race Official and for progression to a Grade 3 Race Official, some or all of these Modules are required to be completed.


When you are ready to answer the questionnaires on each module make the request to be sent the questionnaires to the Race Officials Training Coordinator :-


Russell Miller

13 Lakehouse Cres

Richmond, Nelson 7020


Phone: 03 544 3313

Mobile: 027 318 1052



You can request to do the modules all at once, just a specified group of them or just specific individual modules at a time - that's up to you.


However if you are training for appointment as a Grade 4 Race Official you will need to complete the questionnaires for Modules 1, 2 3, 6 and 11.


If progressing to a Grade 3 Race Official you must complete the remaining Modules being 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 and 14 prior to being appointed a Grade 3.


The "test" for all the modules is open book and we expect that you will respond with 100% correct answers.


The answers required will vary from YES/NO, True/False, multi-choice or a short written response.


While the questions are based on the training modules you may need to refer to the KSNZ Manual for one or two answers.


When you complete each questionnaire please sign and stamp it if you have been appointed as a Grade 4 Race Official and received your stamp. lf you have completed the Module questionnaires as part of your Grade 4 training, then please just sign it.


You must include your contact details on each questionnaire completed.

Completed questionnaires must be mailed or scanned and emailed to the Race Officials Training Co-ordinator – details above.


When you have completed all the required module "test" papers (which will be recorded as you complete them) that will complete the theory part of your progress to becoming a Grade 4 or Grade 3 Race Official. You must also complete the ‘on track’ training as required.


We are all here to help and support you as you progress in your journey as a KartSport Race Official.  If you are unsure of anything or need clarification contact the Race Officials Training Co-ordinator directly in the first instance.