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At the commencement of every event, there will be an area for confirmation of entry.

If it is a Club Day, this may be where competitors make an entry. If it is a major event where pre entry was required, this will be the time for competitors to conform their entry.


Regardless the following will always apply…


G1.1 INDEMNITY: Every competitor and parent/legal guardian (if competitor is under 18 years) whether in practice or competition must sign an indemnity form (which will be supplied by the promoting organisation) before racing. A parent/legal guardian signing on behalf of a minor must be in attendance at all times during the course of the days competition including drivers’ briefing. This will in effect indemnify the promoting organisation and affiliates of any responsibility to the competitor or equipment. A completely legal indemnity form must name as indemnified; The CIK-FIA, the MSNZ, KartSport New Zealand and all affiliates, the owner or lessee of the property on which the event is held, the promoting Club and all assistants, helpers, officers, employees and members of any of the forenamed organisations. The indemnity form must then be signed by a witness of the promoting organisation conducting the event.


G1.2 CHANGE OF GUARDIAN: Should a minor’s parent or legal guardian not be able to attend the event or need to leave an event before it is completed, the parent/legal guardian and the stand in guardian must complete the Change of Guardian Indemnity Form.


The Indemnity form MUST be the latest available – click here for the latest version.


If a change of legal guardian needs to be made then the “Change of Guardian Form’ must be completed.

Click here for the Change of Guardian Form  



The day starts with Entries.


All Competitors must have a Licence to Race.


This is either:

KartSport NZ Competition Licence

One Day Licence (only at Club Days) – Maximum of 5 per year.

Licence Declaration (Race Secretaries should have this)


A driver may complete the Licence application form and pay the cost of a Licence. This must be forwarded to KartSport within 48 hours.


Change of Guardian Form G1.2

If a minor’s parent or legal guardian cannot attend a meeting or needs to leave early form G1.2 Change of Guardian Indemnity must be completed and retained by the Race Secretary.


Before entering each driver must have been Scrutineered and had their Gear Checked.

They come to you with a completed Entry Card.


The Stewards should have checked the Entry Card and ensured that the Driver has a :-


current Licence,

current Club Membership

card is signed.

A Junior driver must have a Guardian’s signature but it is good practise for them to sign it.


Drivers need to have filled out:


Class (Rotax is not enough)


Race Number

Transponder Number


Point out you are not a mind reader – you don’t know that Senior means Rotax Light.


They then need to pay the entry fee, the cost of a Club Day is decided by your Club.


Drivers may need to complete and pay for:

Day Licence

Licence Declaration



Once each driver has completed their entry card and paid, you are ready to enter them for the event.


Your club (with you) will decide how you record money and payments.


At the completion of entries, meet with the Chief Steward for the day and the Convenor to decide on :-

Number of Tuning Runs (I prefer 2 as I then don’t have to rush and have time to check transponders and grid draws)

Race Order

Race Length

Lunch Break



Photographer’s Indemnity

All photographers going on the track must complete a photographer’s indemnity which must be signed by the Clerk of the Course. These are normally retained by the Race Secretary.


I keep copies of the Licence Application, Change of Guardian and Photographer’s Indemnity on the computer.