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The Pit Marshall at any event should be part of the pre event briefing conducted by the Officials of the event.


There are a number of general items that the Pit Marshall should always be aware of and can check for on the Out Grid in any situation :-


Helmets fitted and done up correctly

If it is a competition, helmets will have been checked during documentation and gear check. However it is always good to walk down the Out Grid and check that each helmet has the correct KartSport sticker applied at the rear of the helmet and that all helmets have chin straps securely fastened. Check also that there is no long hair hanging out the back of a helmet. (Refer Rule G1.14).


Gloves on

Check that all drivers have gloves on and that none are showing worn areas or holes


Suits done up

Check that suits are fully zipped to the neck and waist bands are done up with nothing loose of flapping.


Kart Numbers

If it is an official practice or competition, karts should have the correct numbers fitted at front, sides and rear.



If part of tuning runs, official practice or competition transponders must be fitted. Any kart without a transponder fitted will not be allowed out the gate. (Refer to Table of Penalties C9.3 Item J1.21).



Any person within the racing confines, the in grid and the out grid must comply with the minimum regulations for footwear, which must be worn. Footwear must be enclosed from heel to toe, either laced, strapped or elasticised. The wearing of jandals (thongs) or open sandals is not permitted. (Refer to Rule G1.16)



Refueling a kart on the grid or the track is NOT permitted. (Refer to Rule J1.8)



As the Pit Marshall you also have a responsibility to ensure that the track is safe to release karts onto when you open the Out Grid Gate. The KartSport New Zealand Rules below highlight the main areas that must be observed.



J1.17 No trolley or person/s are permitted on to the circuit to recover a kart until the last mobile kart has returned to the pit shute. No race or practice field is allowed out of the Out Grid while any recovery is taking place.



L3.2 TYRES: Must be readily available to all competitors through normal retail outlets. Tyres MUST be pneumatic and can be of any tread pattern. Attachments of any nature to a tyre which are foreign to design are not permitted. Equipment for pre-heating of tyres is not permitted before leaving the Out Grid. For tyre restrictions etc. (Rule L3.5)




It is not permissible to: tamper with any tyre, to alter the hardness or composition of the rubber or to change the construction of the tyre carcase by any means except though normal karting use. Specifically the application of any substances including tyre treatment/tyre softener is strictly prohibited.

The use of heating sources, including heat guns, is also prohibited.

The warming of tyres by spinning the rear wheels on the surface of Out Grid is prohibited.

The intentional removal, either completely or partially, of any official/manufacturer’s marking or label is not permitted.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that at least one barcode per tyre remains scannable at all times throughout the event. Any damaged or unreadable tyre barcodes must be reported to the Officials prior to leaving the in-grid/impound area.

Checking of Tyres. KartSport New Zealand will use appropriate methods, technology and equipment to test compliance.

KartSport New Zealand retains the right to, at anytime, test and/or impound a tyre(s) for further testing. This testing may render the tyre(s) unsuitable for further use. No

compensation can be claimed by the competitor.

If a tyre(s) are impounded before the end of an event the competitor will be permitted to fit another tyre(s). The replacement tyre(s) must be no better than the tyre(s) being replaced.

Only an appointed KartSport New Zealand Official may test and/or retain tyre(s) for further testing




J1.6 OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE: All classes may receive outside assistance to move karts to a safe place. Recovery personnel/Pit Crew providing outside assistance for all classes must remain within the Flag Point or where directed by a Race Official/Race Director until a Yellow Flag has been displayed for the respective incident.

Junior and Senior Age Group class competitors may restart themselves during competition provided all safety precautions are observed and no outside assistance has been received.

Junior Restricted and Cadet Age Group class competitors are permitted controlled outside assistance to restart using on-board starter motors only.

No tools or starter motors may be taken onto the racing confines once the karts have left the Out Grid unless authorised.

A Race Official/Race Director has the discretion to order a competitor to cease attempting to restart. Failure to comply may result in the competitor being penalised or excluded.