Incident Action Plan

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Incident Action Plan


The following sub section of this Module has been uplifted from a Club’s Safety Plan and cover Incidents and Death.  It is important to understand and be familiar with these requirements when there is an incident or a death.






Until otherwise established, every incident will be treated as serious.


It may be that NOT ALL the following steps will be required, but the Chief Steward on advice from the appropriate services will determine this.


It may also be that some of these steps may occur simultaneously.


Actions required at the time of an incident


Any person observing an incident, reports same to the Clerk of The Course


On becoming aware of an incident in their sector, flag points display appropriate yellow flags and report if applicable to the Clerk of The Course


The Clerk of The Course decides on action/s to be taken and, if necessary, stops the race and dispatches the appropriate services


If the incident is of a serious nature and/or the race has been stoped, the Clerk of The Course dispatches the ambulance to return the driver/s to the medical centre for a thorough check up. The ambulance officer arranges evacuation to hospital if required, and advises the Clerk of The Course accordingly.


Other services dispatched as required, kart recovery, maintenance crew, spectator marshals.


The Clerk of The Course will carry out an investigation if there has been an injury, or the kart has rolled, or suffered significant damage


If there has been an injury, all Stewards and Clerks of The Course for the event are advised





These notes are mainly intended as guidance for an accident that occurs at a KartSport New Zealand event and including a KartSport New Zealand licenced raceway.


In the case of a fatal accident, the Police become involved.


In this case, the Chief Steward, working in close unity with the other Stewards and Clerks of the Course/Race Director of the event, shall:


1.Contact all witnesses and the scrutineer and advise them that they are likely to be required to attend an official inquiry to be held as soon as possible.


2.Proceed to ensure that a plan of the whole area is drawn up using the sketches previously made, showing points of impact and all other relevant details, with measurements wherever possible.


3.Immediately impound or secure (whichever is most appropriate in the circumstances) any vehicles involved in the accident.


4.If death has occurred, immediately inform the Police.


5.Ensure the President and/or Administration and Development Manager of KartSport New Zealand is informed ASAP.   You must inform them of the name of the Senior Investigating Police Officer.


6.Take steps in conjunction with the Stewards and Clerks of the Course to set up an official inquiry into the accident.


7.Request from the Scrutineer a written report on the kart/s involved.


8.Prepare a report summarising all the information obtained:


Unless the Chief Steward is a direct witness of the accident he/she should not attempt to describe the accident except in general terms sufficient to convey to the inquiry a general statement on the type of accident investigation.


It would not be within the province of the Chief Steward to allocate or assess responsibility for the accident.  The sole purpose in relation to the accident is to obtain all possible data, collate it in a systematic form and present a report to the inquiry.


Where personal injury either to competitors or officials of the meeting or the public is concerned, the fullest details of names and addresses, extent of injuries and any possible repercussions should be included in the report.


9.Obtain from the Race Secretary of the Meeting the entry forms of all competitors involved and also any relevant scrutineering forms for all the competing vehicles involved.


10.Obtain from the competitors involved in the incident their competition licences.


11.Ensure that all reports are in the hands of the National Steward so he/she can dispatch them to KartSport New Zealand within 48 hours of the accident.  These reports should include details of all actions/reports that the Chief Steward, Stewards, Clerks of the Course, Scrutineer and Race Secretary have taken.


12.At no point should any KartSport New Zealand or Club officials make statements to the media.  The President and/or Administration and Development Manager of KartSport New Zealand will make any media statements.


13.The Police will be wanting as much information as possible to prepare their file for the Coroner, and it is suggested that the Chief Steward, Stewards(s) and Clerks of the Course/Race Director talk to the Police Officer in charge, to give them as much information as is required, also to provide copies (not the originals), of all documentary evidence in connection with the accident which may be held by any of these people.  The Police will then obtain statements from various witnesses. They will not provide copies of these statements for the purpose of the inquiry, but they will usually allow the Chief Steward or the Stewards(s) to look at the statements they have obtained.



It is good policy to inform the Police of the procedures involved in our own inquiry, telling them what has been done up to this point, and what is going to be done.  It is also likely that the Police will take control of any karts involved in the accident, but they are usually quite happy for Scrutineers or some such people to go and inspect the vehicle.  It should always be remembered that enquiries made by the Police on behalf of the Coroner take priority over KartSport New Zealand investigations.  It is therefore important that inquiries made by the Stewards should proceed in parallel with and never impede those being undertaken by the Police.