Juristiction, Method and Lines

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Juristiction, Method and Lines


J2.1 JURISDICTION: Competitors proceeding to and awaiting the start of competition are under the jurisdiction of the Clerk of the Course/Race Director and/or the Starter. Where a Starter is used, jurisdiction reverts back to the Clerk of the Course or the Race Director and Assistant Clerks of the Course once the start is given.

An infringement of Rule J2 before the start is given may be signalled by the display of the Black and White Divided Diagonally Flag to the driver together with their kart number at or near the finish line after the start. An infringement of Rule J2.8 or J2.11 may result in a Judgement of Fact by the Clerk of the Course/Race Director and/or the Starter.


Start Line Judge(s) needs to be appointed for every event and become a part of the personnel in Rule J2.1.

These Judges MUST be named on the event permit.


J2.2 STARTING METHOD:Two types of starting methods may be used. Standing start and Rolling start. Standing starts are only permitted for KZ2 (Rule J2.8) where the circuit is approved for standing starts. Start grids will be 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 etc.


J2.3 PACE CARS AND SAFETY CARS are only allowed to be used on MotorSport New Zealand (MSNZ) circuits, driven by qualified MSNZ personnel at approved MSNZ and KartSport New Zealand events. Safety Car intervention is under the full control of the MSNZ Officials. Pace cars are required to be manned by two crew members, the passenger will have two-way radio communication with the MSNZ Officials and KartSport New Zealand Clerk of the Course. Pace cars are required to be fitted with operational high intensity LED lights that comply with Motorsport New Zealand requirements. Lights must be securely mounted to the roof of the vehicle. These lights must be operated when the car is on track along with the vehicle’s hazard lights. Karts must remain a minimum of 100 meters behind the Pace Car at all times. Full instructions will be given to competitors at the KartSport New Zealand drivers briefing by the Race Officials. The Chief Steward’s decision on the suitability of the pace car and the suitability and effectiveness of the roof mounted flashing lights will be final.


J2.4 NO GO LINE: A line 50m to 80m from the front of the out grid marked either by a painted line and/or by cones approximately 2 meters from the track edge.


J2.5 START LINE is a line across the track. The position of the Start Line is subject to the prior approval of the National Track and Safety Inspector.


J2.6 START ZONE: The Start Zone commences at a Yellow Line across the track approximately 25 meters before the Start Line and ends at the Start Line. A Start Signal will not be given in a Rolling Start before the Pole Kart crosses the Yellow Line or after the Pole Kart crosses the Start Line. The Start Zone will be used for all Sprint racing Rolling starts.