Mixed Class Starts

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Mixed Class Starts


J2.24        Mixed Classes Starting Line Up - Sprint Racing

For events using pre-determined grid draws, mixed classes will be gridded with the faster class(es) to the front. eg Light in front of Heavy, Vortex ROK DVS Junior ahead of 125 Rotax Max Junior etc. Option for Group F Club Days only: Rotax Light/Rotax Heavy, 100cc Yamaha Light/100cc Yamaha Heavy and ClubSport LO206 Light/ClubSport LO206 Heavy classes may be mixed for predermined grid draw competition at the discretion of the Chief Steward. For this option all competitors with an X plate start at rear of their respective class.

For events using CIK style qualifying, mixed classes will be gridded fastest to the front for heats based on Time Trial times for all mixed classes combined. For Pre-Final and Final normal grids apply (ie as per Rule P1.6 and P1.7)

On Club Days competitors with an X plate will be gridded at the rear of their respective class group (NOTE: Club Day option above).

For permitted events the mixing of classes must be notified in the Supplementary Rules for the event.

Option 1

The first class of the combined field will address the start as per Rules J2.10.1 & J2.11. The second class will follow the first class with approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of a lap gap. This class will then address the start as per rules J2.10.1 & J2.11. Both classes will be given individual starts as per Rule J2.11

Option 2

The combined field will address the start as per Rules J2.10.1 & J2.11 in tight formation without gaps and all karts will start racing once the start signal is given.

For pre-determined grid draws should the class in front have an odd number of competitors the pole kart of the second class will start behind the last odd numbered grid position kart of the front class. The driver gridded #2 in the second class must leave a gap and start beside the pole kart of the second class.

(Similar for subsequent races should there be more than two classes in the race option 2 may apply)