Module 5 - Track Safety Plan

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Module 5 - Track Safety Plan


This section is applicable to all Race Officials, Chief  Steward, Steward’s on the panel, Clerk of the Course/Race Director and Assistant Clerks of the Course.


Every track is required to have an up to date Track Safety Plan.


If a club has an event at a Motor Racing Circuit or Speedway they must have an up to date Plan for the particular venue.


The track safety Plan should be displayed in a prominent place.


Every Club must have an up to date Track Safety Plan and it is essential that you locate this document, view it, read it and fully understand it.





Every Club must display a copy of the circuits Track and Complex Certificate.


Clubs with more than one track configuration will have a Track and Complex Certificate for each configuration.


An example of a Track and Complex Certificate is shown below.






If a Club's Track and Complex Certificate has expired, unless the Club can show that the National Track and Safety Inspector has issued an extension, or the club can produce a valid signed track complex inspection form, they may not use the track for any competition.


If a Track Certificate has expired but a a track complex inspection has been completed, the Clubs will have been given a signed copy of the track complex inspection form.  In this situation you must view this form and if the date shown is valid and the track rating is suitable for the event to be run you may allow the event to proceed.