Race Stoppages

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Race Stoppages


J2.13 DISCONTINUED RACE: A race discontinuation occurs when a Green with Yellow Chevron Flag is displayed. All drivers must immediately cease racing and reform the original rolling grid.


J2.14 RACE or TIME TRIAL STOPPAGE: A race or time trial stoppage occurs when a Red Flag is shown. All drivers must immediately cease racing. Once stopped, any kart deemed unfit to continue by the Clerk of Course/Race Director must return to the pits. A Penalty Notification Request relating to an incident resulting in a Red Flag may be resolved before any restart. Following a race stoppage a race may be either rerun, declared complete, or restarted. For a time trial it must be restarted and completed to the required time allocation.


In the case of a stopped race/time trial the karts will stop at a point stated at Drivers Briefing or indicated by the Clerk of Course/Race Director or Assistant Clerks of Course and await further instructions.  


During this period no mechanics, pit crew or guardians are permitted into the track confines. No repairs or maintenance are to be carried out on any karts. Any kart which may be in an unsafe condition is to be removed from the track.  


Any kart that enters the in grid is not permitted to take the restart. Immediately all karts have moved off, all starter motors are to be removed from the track confines.