Red Flag

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Red Flag


H1.2 RED FLAG: Immediately cease racing. Proceed slowly and with caution to the start line or obey the Race Officials instruction and be prepared to stop should the track be blocked. The Red Flag is to only be used by the Race Officials or under their instructions.

Any competitor(s) found to be the cause of the Red Flag being displayed at any time after leaving the Out Grid may be penalised.

When a race stoppage occurs due to a competitor being injured or appearing to be injured, he/she must stand down for at least 30 minutes and may only participate in following races after being cleared by a suitably qualified medical person.



As a Race Official if you are witness to an incident that may have a competitor injured or the track blocked make a radio call for the Red Flag.


(Good communication requires you state the group of people you are calling and then say “this is” to identifying yourself.)  


If the Red Flag is called all track Race Officials will present the Red Flag.


All competitors will have been advised at drivers briefing of where they are to stop if a Red Flag is presented.  

They will also have been advised that they may be requested by another Race Official to Stop before this point and are to obey the instruction.

As soon as possible make your way to the incident.  If you feel that first aid is required advise the Race Director/Clerk of Course.


The Race Director/Clerk of the Course will now assume responsibility.

If a helmet is damaged ensure that if the driver is removed in an ambulance to either the track side or to hospital that the helmet goes with the competitor.


Check the kart or karts for damage and if there is any advise the Chief Technical Officer immediately if one is present or the Chief Steward if one is not present.


If you happen to be where the karts are stopped, ensure that pit crew/friends do not go near the karts.  The race may still be in progress.