Track Safety Lights

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Track Safety Lights


H1.15 TRACK SAFETY LIGHTS: The use of the Red Flag may be supported by illuminated Red Lights. An illuminated Yellow Light has the same meaning as a Yellow Flag. A flashing Yellow Light means extreme caution.

An illuminated Blue Light has the same meaning as a Blue Flag.

Simultaneously flashing Yellow and Red Lights have the same meaning as the Yellow with Red Stripes Flag.

The control and activation of Red, Yellow and Blue Lights will be under the control of the Clerk of the Course/Race Director and/or Assistant Clerks of the Course.

Intention to use these Lights at an event must be stated at Driver’s Briefing.


• The Red, Yellow and Blue Lights shall be clearly visible to approaching karts in all ambient light conditions, ie hooded lights.

• The system design, installation and operating system must be approved by the National Track and Safety Inspector.