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At an event where Vintage karts are participating in either a parade, demonstration or regulatory trial, there are specific requirements that need to be observed and the Pit Marshall needs to be aware of these.



V3.3 Parades, Demonstrations and Displays

At all events karts will be started from the Out Grid as best possible fastest to the front and in larger groups in single file to provide separation. At all times all drivers must be aware of the potential risks and whilst driving at speed is permitted, care must be taken to avoid any incident with other drivers and to stay on the track. Drivers must be especially mindful of the difference in speed of karts from the various eras and the ability and attitude of drivers. Drivers must always give way to fellow drivers in all corners and allow them room to take their own line. This is a simple way to ensure incident free Demonstrations. If a driver is compelled to stop his/her kart, it must be moved off the track to a safe position as rapidly as possible. The driver must stay close to the kart, in a flag point, until the session is over. Any driver intending to stop or leave the track or to enter the pits shall demonstrate his intention by raising his/her hand in due time and making sure that it is safe to stop or exit the track before doing so. When permitted, due to small attendances, eras may be mixed as long as the following part of the rule is complied with:

Era 5 karts running side pods are to be run as a separate group/era on track at all times apart from when there are time constraints and a separate group/era cannot be run on track to accommodate karts with side pods. Era 5 karts must then run with their side pods removed and participate in mixed groups/eras with nerf bars.

The splitting of the senior classes based on speed difference and ability must always be considered.

Up to 14 seniors a split may not be required.

15-20 seniors a split must be considered.

20+ seniors must be split.


V3.3.1 Parade: Lead kart/driver must be appointed/approved by the Chief Steward.

Karts will proceed at moderate speed only. No overtaking unless otherwise specified.

Junior Age Groups: Midget, Junior Restricted and Junior Age Groups may participate in a Parade together provided they go out the gate with oldest Age

Group to the front and fastest to the front within the respective Age Group. If any kart is ‘caught’ it MUST NOT be overtaken. The 'caught' kart will be

shown the Blue/Red flag and MUST return to the pits IMMEDIATELY.

Senior Age Group: All senior class karts may participate in a Parade together provided they go out the gate with the fastest kart to the front. If any kart is 'caught’ it MUST NOT be overtaken, unless the ‘caught’ kart is clearly not running properly.


V3.3.2 Demonstration: In specific Age Groups/classes only. Karts may run at full speed. Passing permitted. No results/times recorded or declared.


V3.3.3 Deleted in Rule Changes 2022-1


Knowing, understanding and ensuring the differences between a Parade and a Demonstration is essential. The type of on track activity must be determined PRIOR to the karts going onto the circuit.


In a Parade, karts must go out the gate in the correct order, must proceed at a moderate speed only and there is to be NO passing.


In a Demonstration, all karts must adhere to age groups/classes and may run at full speed. Passing is permitted but MUST be done sensibly and safely at all times. No results/times are recorded or declared and therefore there is no official starting or finishing, with the chequered flag used only to signal the end of the Demonstration.




V3.4 Push Starting

Direct drive karts may be push started by the use of a Quad Bike especially set up for the purpose of push-starting Vintage karts. This can only take place within the outgrid area and at NO time is the Quad Bike to enter the race track. The rider must wear long pants and long sleeves and an approved helmet and foot wear that complies with Rule G3.4. The push-starting procedure will be under the direction of the Pit Marshal and the Chief Steward.

Approval to carry out this push-starting procedure will be made by the Competitions Manager or the National Steward on a case by case application with a submmited plan of the procedure in the area where it will take place.



It is extremely important for safety reasons that the conditions stated above in V3.3 and V3.4 are adhered to and it is the responsibility of the Race Officials and the Pit Marshall to follows these requirements.