Black and White Flag

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Black and White Flag


H1.5 BLACK AND WHITE FLAG DIVIDED DIAGONALLY: Shown to a particular competitor by the Clerk of the Course/Race Director or under his/her instructions indicates that a severe warning is being given, and may mean disqualification.

Take heed. Competitor to report to the Clerk of the Course within 15 minutes after the race.

This flag will be displayed to the competitor concerned near or at the finish line together with a panel/board displaying his/her respective kart number.



If you are an assistant Clerk of the Course and you witness an incident that you feel is serious enough to warrant a warning, issue, or request the issue, of the black and white diagonal flag with the number board at or close to the finish line.


Advise the Clerk of the Course your reason. This is a very important part of driver education at club days. The Clerk of the Course will more than likely request you have a discussion with the competitor and report back.