Yellow Flag

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Yellow Flag


H1.6 YELLOW FLAG OR YELLOW LIGHT: Caution - reduce speed. Maintain position until an operational flag point that is not displaying a Yellow Flag or Yellow Light or is displaying a GREEN LIGHT has been passed. If a competitor inadvertently passes another kart while a Yellow Flag/Light is displayed it may be redressed without penalty if corrected before the next operational Flag/Light Point.(Exception: For SuperKart events on Motorsport New Zealand approved circuits only, Motorsport New Zealand’s rules regarding overtaking zones apply.) A waved Yellow Flag or flashing Yellow Light - extreme caution, be prepared to stop.


This flag can be displayed at any point on the track in addition to a flag point. Usually it would be a race official displaying the flag and the rule applies from that point on the track until a flag point no longer displaying a yellow flag or yellow light or is displaying a green light is passed.



You need to be very observant when a Yellow Flag is presented.  Report any incidents to the Clerk of the Course/Race Director with kart numbers. Write these down for reference later if required.


In the following drawings the black kart is in a passing move on the white kart.


Here the black kart is not in a position to pass the white kart. The passing move has not started.


Here the passing move has started but the white kart still has the advantage.


Here the Black kart is in the passing movement, but the white kart still holds the advantage as far as the Yellow Flag point is concerned as the Black kart is the passing kart and has not yet gained an advantage over the white kart.


Here the Black kart has the advantage as it has gained a clear advantage in the passing movement over the white kart .


Regardless of who is doing the passing, it is the kart which has the lead advantage at the point of crossing an imaginary line at the flag point who has the right to remain ahead.