False Starts or a Discontinued Race

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False Starts or a Discontinued Race



False Starts (Ref Rule J2.13)


The starter, usually after a very brief discussion with the RD/CoC, may choose to have the field cease racing and reform in their original standing or rolling start grid positions.  

In this situation the Green with Yellow Chevron flag is used to signal the drivers.  lt is very important that this flag is displayed BEFORE the race leader completes the second racing lap.  Potential Judge of Fact decisions cannot be applied if a race is discontinued.

If the race leader has completed the second racing lap this Flag CANNOT be used.


Restart after a discontinued race (Ref Rule J2.19)


When a race stoppage occurs because of a Red flag and is neither rerun nor declared complete because less than 75% of the race has been completed, the race will be restarted.

The field will grid up in single file in the order of the last completed lap prior to the Red flag being displayed and will face the starter in close formation.  The field must straddle the two central parallel lines in the middle of the track to take the restart.


During a race you will take note of the laps completed so that in a 10 lap race for example you will display the last lap board at the completion of the 9th lap and the Chequered flag at the completion of the next lap, ie. lap 10, to the driver of the kart leading the race.

The person in race control running the timing system can assist you if you lose "track" of the number of laps completed.


Note : If you were to display the chequered flag to the leading kart after 9 laps instead of the 10 laps programmed, the leading kart at the 9 lap point wins the race.

If you were to display the chequered flag after 11 laps, the kart in the lead at the completion of 10 laps would be declared the winner of the race. (Ref Rule J2.21).


On some occasions the RD/CoC who you will work with as a part of the team controlling the race start, may direct you at any time during a race to display a particular flag and kart number if a race official is not at or near the start/finish line or they are unable to display the flag themselves.

You must never display a RED flag/lights except on the direct instruction of the RD/CoC