Role of the Starter

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Role of the Starter

The role of Starter and Start Line Judge of Fact



This module will give you a good working knowledge of the starter's role which is a critical position in the conduct of a competition karting event.


Starters must be experienced. KartSport New Zealand reserves the right to appoint the Starter for events and at certain levels of event the starter must be a Grade 3 Race Official as per Rule R3.19....


R3.19 STARTER: Must be experienced, if not the competitors will very quickly dictate the start of a race. KartSport New Zealand reserves the right to approve/appoint the starter/s. For all Group A, B, C, D and E events (excluding SuperKart events) the Starter must be a Race Official Grade 3 or higher.


As the starter you do need to be familiar with all the parts of Sections J1 and J2 in the KSNZ manual.  


This is available on KartSport's website here.   Please read it!!


You will also need to be familiar with all the flags and signals described in Section H of the KSNZ manual.

A good "working" knowledge of these rules is essential.


For added information it is highly recommended that you review the Race Officials Training Module #2 – Flag Control – which is available on line here.


We all want you to enjoy this role, you must communicate with your track team when you need to and concentrate on the action!!