Technical Infringement Guidline

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Technical Infringement Guidline


Note: If a technical infringement is considered deliberate it must be noted as such on the PNR by the person completing the form. This will inform the Stewards panel of the nature of the infringement so they apply the correct penalties.


If a competitor or guardian doesn't accept the decision of the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of the event after issuing a PNR for a technical infringement the following guide must be observed.


The item of concern must remain in the tech shed in the possession of the CTO.

A Stewards hearing will take place, the TO (Technical Officer) involved or the CTO will need to attend this hearing to give evidence showing  the non compliant part to the Stewards panel if asked to.

The item must be returned to the tech shed while awaiting the outcome of the hearing if the Stewards panel no longer require the part. The item must be in possession of the Stewards panel or the CTO.

If the competitor/guardian accepts the decision of the hearing that the item is illegal - this info will be given to you by the Chief Steward, you can return the item.

If they don't accept the decision from the Stewards hearing, wish to appeal and have paid the appeal fee, the item will need to be sent to the NTO (National Technical Officer)

The CTO should make a phone call to the NTO explaining what has been found and of the upcoming appeal.

In this situation it is important to ensure that any further checks that would have been made on the engine are now completed. ie – the engine must be completed in tech as if no penalty has been applied.

Chassis tags can be used on some items to label and identify the part.

The item will need to be labelled to identify it, a Impound/Surrender form will need to be written up, with the means of identification written on the form ie; using serials numbers, chassis tag numbers or written identification. The form must be signed by the competitor/guardian, before giving them a copy, a contact phone number on the form is also handy.

The taking of photos of the part in question is also recommended, which can be sent to the National Tech Officer.

Small parts should be placed in zip tie bags or a tamper proof bag from a tyre or fuel sample kit, larger items boxed up along with a copy of the impound form. They can then be sent by signed courier to the NTO whose details can be found in the KartSport Manual.

All information gained from the event is strictly confidential and should not be discussed with anyone apart from the National Technical Officer.