Impound Parc Ferme Area Information

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Impound Parc Ferme Area Information


Competitor Information.

The impound/parc ferme area is a secure area to carry out further technical checks on karts as required by the Technical Officers.

Only the competitor or representative of the kart (one person per kart) is allowed in the impound area along with KartSport Officials.

The kart/engine or any associated parts may not be altered or tampered with while in the impound area.

It is the competitor or representatives responsibility to stay with the kart and not remove it from the impound area until instructed to by a Technical Officer.

It is forbidden to alter or tamper with another competitors kart.

If you leave your kart unattended in the impound area the officials take no responsibility for it.

Follow all instructions from the Technical Officers around the procedures for the tests they want to carry out or for the removal of the engine and associated parts for tech inspection.


Technical Officer Information.

The impound area is a secure area controlled by yourselves to carry out further technical checks as required on karts. Eg tyre and fuel samples, engine or chassis checks, the checking of tyres or any items that require further investigation.

Only allow one person in the impound area with each kart and make sure they fully understand what you require them to do.

No parts of the kart maybe altered or tampered with by the competitor or representative, a Technical Officer should be in the impound area observing when karts are placed in this area.

Technical Officers are required to check karts and engines for legality according to the current rules in the KartSport manual, not their own interpretation. The decisions you make must be unbiased.

No communication is allowed regarding any official information or results of technical checks from any event to anyone else except to KartSport NZ Officials.

Karts can only be released from the impound area when the Chief Technical Officer of the event or the Technical Officer in charge of the impound area gives permission.

If engines/components are removed from the kart for technical inspection in the Tech Shed they should not leave the impound area and should go directly from the impound area to the Tech Shed.

There may be situations at some facilities where the impound area is separate from the Tech Shed. In these cases, engines/components removed from the kart in the impound area for technical inspection in the Tech Shed, should be accompanied from the impound area to the Tech Shed by the competitors representative together with an official (Race Official or Technical Officer).