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These Online Training modules are designed to give you a far greater depth of information than can be published in a rule book and will also give you practical information on how to apply the rules.


We expect you to read through and become familiar with all the modules at the same time as you refer to the relevant rules in the manual.  

We think you will find it an interesting and informative experience.


The Question and Answer papers we want you to complete are all "Open Book".

When you are ready to complete a Module Q & A paper read the "Notes on completing the Module Questionnaires"  


Our goal is that you have a good understanding of the KartSport New Zealand rules and their application.  


Completion of these modules will make you a more competent Race Official.



Throughout these modules :-


Text from the KartSport Manual (Rules etc) is in 10 point Arial font


Additional text for information and commentary is in 12 point Calibri font.