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Module List


Module 1 -General Driving Instructions and Competition Rules


Module 2 -Flag Control


Module 3 -Scrutineering, Documentation and Gear Checking


Module 4 -Tracks, Testing, Practice and First Aid


Module 5 -Track Safety Plan


Module 6 -People Management


People Management

Becoming a More Effective Official


Module 7 -Licence Ratings


Module 8 - Start and Finish Procedure


Module 9 - Number Plates


Module 10 -Weights


Module 11 -Race Day


Module 12 -Forms


Module 13 -Penalties and Judicial Code


Module 14 -Vintage




Throughout these modules :-


Text from the KartSport Manual (Rules etc) is in 10 point Arial font


Additional text for information and commentary is in 12 point Calibri font.